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Clubvivre @ Alice in Asylum

Last night Clubvivre joined forces with The Experience Architect, FLABSLAB and several other partners to throw an amazing party.  Clubvivre brought in one of their top chefs to provide dinner to start out the evening in a really cool shop house in Geylang full of art displays, weird and wonderful stations including gin and tonic cupcakes, super hipster moustache barbers, chicken that had been cooked in a bathtub for 6 hours, several drink stations that kept delicious Gin and Whisky cocktails flowing all night, and a mime, for good measure.

Today’s hangover was very generously sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin.

Ardian MonGstrous Wilasti - ; I’m on the first picture of the Hendrick’s Gin event! Lol!

Johan Shah - Muka lost~ :)

Javanese Road Trip | Surabaya – Jogja

The road trip started in Surabaya, then we went on to Bromo via Probolinggo, Batu, Solo and Finished in Jogja.  It was a much nicer way to see East Java than bus.  It was great to have the liberty to stop whenever we needed to buy avacados, durian, random satay (horse satay anyone?), play in rice paddies or to stock up on chocolate for our daily chocolate time, which we learned must take place about 1 hour after lunch – no earlier, no later.

I’m finally done processing all the Java photos, so the last few sets will be up soon!

Romulo Rejon - Great! I was so short of time that I did this part of the trip by plane!

Gunung Bromo | East Java

The coldest place I’ve been in recent history.  Cold, windy, and *so* much fun.  The best part of putting this post together was reliving the ridiculousness of this day.

We packed 6 people + the driver into a jeep at 3:30am to go see sunrise over the mountain, rode tiny horses part of the way – just because we could, and were almost blown off the mountain by gale-force winds to see… NOTHING!  Bromo was covered in clouds the entire time we were there and we spent a lot of the time in thick fog, having our faces sandblasted on the Sea of Sand.  It would have been a legendary travel failure if I wasn’t with such an awesome group of friends.

Oh, and just for good measure, I quite nearly threw one of my rather expensive lenses off the volcano. Because that’s how I roll.

I may have to go back to Bromo again when it’s not low season to try again to catch those awesome postcard views of the sun rising over the volcanos.

Javanese Road Trip | Surabaya – Jogja » Carlina Teteris Photography - […] road trip started in Surabaya, then we went on to Bromo via Probolinggo, Batu, Solo and Finished in Jogja.  It was a much nicer way to see East Java than […]

Romulo Rejon - Hahaha I had a similar experience! Terrible weather and no views from Penanjakan viewpoint! Plus it was a hindu festival and it was crowded with locals climbing to the mountain to do some offerings… A great day though!


This is the type of news I normally reserve for my Facebook crowd, but since there’s only a month left on the sale that I announced there in January, I thought I should share it here as well.

Promo prices are available on all of my sessions booked until 30 April, which also includes private one-on-one photography classes that (until now) I’ve only advertised there.  Sessions don’t need to take place before the end of April – only booking and your deposit paid by then.  Sessions can take place until the end of 2013.

I will be in Canada (Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops and Calgary) in June and July this summer, so if you want to reserve a session around any of those areas, book early so I can work it into my trip!

Mumbai | Maharashtra

This post is a bit like my processing style at the moment – unplanned and nonsensical but DONE.

I set out on a mission to process the backlog of files that have been jamming up my internal hard drive for about a year.  It turns out that running super slow software on a computer with about ten GB of space left is almost impossible.  I normally work pretty chronologically, but I’ve been processing about eight sets simultaneously and I’m not sure when the last time I left the house was. I managed to finish everything up until the about a month ago, and will be sharing a few more short sets that hadn’t really fit in anywhere else, but still deserve a place up here.  I almost didn’t bother processing or posting these photos, but I know I’d have to keep thinking about them not being finished if I didn’t.

Normally I like to make posts in a narrative style, which this one doesn’t have in any perceivable way.  It turns out that that’s exactly how this weekend in Mumbai went, though!  Our plans changed at at least once or twice per taxi ride on our way to wherever, so we ended up not exactly doing anything, but having loads of fun doing it.

Will get back to the Java posts soon.  The best part is coming up!