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Svenna’s Baptism

Apparently there’s a Danish church just behind my house.  I had no idea.  I had the pleasure of shooting Svenna’s baptism there last week.  I don’t think most of the people there were Danish, but the service was mostly in Danish.  I still haven’t quite figured it all out. 

Yogjakarta | Central Java

Finally at the end of my Java photos.  This was my second time in Jogja and I still love it. Maybe even more than my first time.  Really looking forward to being able to spend a few months there at some point to study more Bahasa.  It’ll happen.

Edmund Tran - That little bird has the funnies expression on it’s face.

Indonesia Eats - Carlina, I just recalled there is a Canadian that I know. He lives in Yogyakarta and was a master degree student of Indonesian literature at Gadjah Mada University. You might ask him for help in bahasa :)

Carlina - Oh, I have plenty of Indonesian friends to steal words from. I’ve been planning for a while to spend a few months in Jogja to go to one of the language schools, I’m just not really sure when.

Romulo Rejon - Great post! It was great to see pictures from Prambanan and Jogya after returning from there.
The last picture is absolutely fabulous!

Wayang Kulit | Yogjakarta

I’m in Thailand now, but in an effort to feel like I’m still working, I thought I should post another set from Java.

I’ve finally decided which of these shadow puppets I want: Baruna, God of the Sea.  If anyone would like to find me a nice and authentic one and send it to me, I would be forever grateful.

Also… I’m posting this from a hammock.

Magalie - He totally looks like my guy! I need to take him out of my closet and put him up somewhere…

Shirlene & Eugene | Icecream shop engagement shoot

Eugene and Shirlene are dedicated Ben & Jerry’s fans.  As I’m told, Eugene basically seduced Shirlene with copious amounts of ice cream – like, 10 pints at a time.  Naturally, they needed to do a pre-wedding shoot at Ben & Jerry’s.  The shop on Dempsey Hill was absolutely perfect.  Lovely heritage building and a VW van that matched their choice of ice cream.  If anyone from the shop asks, NO, we did not touch the van.  You can’t prove anything.

Roger Lim - Great job! You can cover my 21st birthday!

Carlina Teteris - What? I thought you were turning 6 this year?

Akila Saifi - Loved the pictures. Great job.

Magalie - Fun idea! (And great photos too)

Borobudur | Central Java

This was my second time at Borobudur and for the second time we were too cheap to pay the 35USD or whatever the price is for the actual sunrise entry.  I’m not going to say we didn’t make a dedicated effort to find someone to pay off to open the main entrance ahead of time to let us in to catch the sunrise.  As much as I hate admitting failure, I think the lack of actual sunrise shots may suggest the outcome of that effort :(

We still managed to make it in early enough to have the temple pretty much to ourselves so we didn’t have a million people in our photos.  Nice.

I’m off for some island time next week, but I’ll try to get another post up before I leave.

Romulo Rejon - Nice pictures! Let see how mine turned… ;)