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Joan and Sunil’s Solemnization

Joan and Sunil’s was my third Canadian wedding in a row…. even in Singapore.  I’m still not sure how that worked out. Half of the guests were skyped into the ceremony.  I should start doing that, considering how many of my friends’ weddings I seem to miss.

We didn’t have time to do any proper couple’s shots, so I get to do a whole session with just the two of them later on <3

Pender Island | BC

I’m predisposed to loving anywhere that involves taking a ferry to get to.  Pender Island involved two.  Ferry biases aside, Pender is perfect.  Not exactly the white sandy beaches and diving that I normally associate with beach time, but nothing beats that perfect ocean smell of the pacific.  Lots of wildflowers, rocky cliffs dropping into the sea, ferries sailing a few times an hour and kayaking with my mama.  Big thanks to our host and guide, Ann, for having us!

Inguna Grundmane - VERY BEAUTIFUL!

Laura & David | Vancouver Wedding

Finally finished processing the last of my Canada shoots.  Oddly enough, I shot another Canadian wedding last week back here in Singapore.  No complaints.  Canadian weddings are always fun.  So are weddings with lots of dancing.  The two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Sourabh & Supriya | Sentosa Maternity Shoot

After a certain incident of losing a lens to the ocean a few years back, I’ve becoming pretty paranoid when taking my camera gear anywhere near salt water, but the day I met Sourabh and Supriya for their maternity shoot was insanely hot.  We were at the beach, and the water looked too tempting, so we all got right in there.  Sometimes you’ve just got to risk it all.  I’m pretty glad we did.

Mark & Jeanie | West Coast Wedding

Jeanie asked me to shoot her wedding and didn’t take no for an answer because of silly reasons like I live on the other side of the world.  Thank God.  She’s beautiful, charming and pretty much magnificent in every way possible- and I had to meet this lucky Mark fellow.

The wedding was basically in their back yard.  Yes, they live here.  Yes, I’m jealous.  Pearson College is hidden away outside of Victoria, BC and is perfectly Vancouver Island: tall trees, ferns, wild flowers and grasses covering rocks falling off into the sea.  <3

With perfect weather, lots of friends and love, some rowdy square dancing and banjos and s’mores around a campfire Love Fest 2013 was amazing.  I may or may have not dragged a certain broken groomsman through the forest on one leg for photos.  Sorry Robert.

Johannes Leistner - what a beautiful setting for a wedding! and your photos are so perfect!

Ralf Siebeck - Breathtakin… from the first ´til the last picture. Great job, dear Carli.

Hank Mathias - Congratulations! It looks to have been a fabulous event…young and old and everything in between…ad well captured! Hank