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Kelly’s Flapper Fête Baby Shower

Kelly is the absolute unmatched master of theme events.  Her baby shower was certainly no exception: a totally decadent flapper themed tea party at Flutes in the National Museum, with her signature touches on everything.

Weirdly enough, I shot a wedding there a few months ago and it was a different restaurant and looked COMPLETELY different than it does now.  I was pretty confused when I walked in.

Knowing how this Mama-to-be works, this baby boy is going to be one awesome kid!

Bali | Homestay in the Kampung

I go to Ubud as often as I can justify it.  Normally I stay at the same place (and the same room) every time.  It’s nice to have a little home there.  I’m not saying which place it is, because it’s already busy enough, and I don’t want to risk having it being full when I just show up there unexpected.  This time I decided to mix things up a little and stay out in the villages.  I found Wayan Widyana’s homestay on Airbnb and it looked pretty much perfect.  It was about a 15 minute motorbike drive from Ubud, so just a perfect distance to be able to escape from the busyness and traffic of town.  I love my normal place, but waking up in a real Balinese home in the village was pretty perfect.

It also made it easier for exploring, and intruding on some guys building some kind of lions for their village cremation ceremony coming up.  If you’re looking for somewhere around Ubud to stay, but don’t want to be too close to town, go check out Widyana’s place!

Oh, no… the oceany shots at the end have nothing to do with this homestay.  I stayed with my buddy Erik in Jimbaran the night before I flew off, and we drove around the southern tip of the island and Uluwatu.  The beaches there are so much nicer than any other I’ve seen on Bali!

Romulo - I love Ubud! Thanks for bringing back memories

Seaweed Farming | Nusa Lembongan

There only seems to be three types of people on Lembongan: surfers, divers and seaweed farmers, this post’s dedicated to the farmers.  Of course there’s probably a bit of overlap, but everyone seems to keep to their own schedule, so even though there’s apparently quite a lot of people on the island it doesn’t seem very busy at all.  Seaweed farming doesn’t look like a lot of fun.  These poor ladies (maybe the men too, but I don’t heard from the ladies) were FREEZING…. and complaining about it like no other.  I’m not entirely sure where the seaweed goes, I don’t think it’s eaten though, I think it’s for other products.  They did look at me a little weird when I asked if the sea vegetables were delicious.  How should I know how to say “seaweed” in bahasa.  “Sayur laut” seemed to get the point across… or at least the point that I was weird enough to want to taste the fresh stuff they had just harvested.

Most of these were from the low tide fields at Jungut Batu near where I was staying, although there were a bunch of other farms around the island as well. 

Magalie - Amazing job (yet again)!

Carlina - Thanks Magalie! What have you been up to these days? I’ve been missing your posts. *sadface*

Future Cities Laboratory

A couple of months ago I was set free in the coolest research lab ever to shoot the environment and researchers at work for their website overhaul.  The place was visually amazing and looked totally conducive to creative research (unlike I certain bunker-like research centre I used to work at).  I’m looking forward to being back there shooting some more next week. 

Alita Ong - Awesome job babe!

Victoria | BC

It’s hard to go wrong with Vancouver Island.  Even though it’s a little touristy, and everything closes by 5pm (seriously?!) I always love Victoria.  I especially love when I’m there with Jill.  I especially love it when Jill recommends awesome Tapas Bars.  So awesome that I didn’t take any pictures from that place because we were too busy eating.  Bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates with blue cheese… omg.

I’ve been shooting for Airbnb for a couple of years now, but this was the first time I’ve actually booked a place to stay through the site.  It’s really the first time it made any sense for me to book through there.  The price was way better than any hotel, location was perfect and our host was wonderful.  If you haven’t used Airbnb before, check it out.  Also – if you sign up through that referral link, you’ll get a USD25 voucher for your first booking…. Woot!

I’m still looking for a couple to come with me to Bali in September for a free pre-wedding shoot.  Drop me a message for the details if you’re interested!