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Winter Portraits | Peter, Elise & Brynn

Ummmm… Happy New Year?  2014 wasn’t my best year for blogging, to say the least.  I was busy. Very busy. I’m quitting traveling from next week onwards.  For the next few months at least.
I’ve got a ton of stuff to post, but haven’t been around at all to work on anything.  Now that there’s hope that my life is going to stabilize for a while, I’m going to start flooding this space.  Need to start it out with these guys.  Love them!  Love shooting in the snow! Winter light is insane.  I like nothing else about snowseason though.

Michelle Suzanne Jones - Great pics!!! Your little girl is so cute and her blonde hair is beautiful!

Scuba Jeff | Mabul | Sabah

Evidently, keeping my blog up to date was NOT one of my new years resolutions this year.  Can’t be helped.  I’ve been too occupied by shooting and diving.  I’m ok with that.

Couldn’t help but to take a break from my backlog of shoots to post my Mabul trip.  My bro Scuba Jeff invited me to come hang out at his dive shop on Mabul for training.  Uhhhh… it took me about 15 seconds to think about it and book a flight.

Mabul is perfect and life from Scuba Jeff’s patio couldn’t get any better.  World class hammocking, fresh crab delivered straight from the water, lazing around doing absolutely nothing useful for days on end, cozy nights under shooting stars, waking up to the most stunning views of turquoise water (turtles dropping by for breakfast), spotting octopi, sharkies and all sorts of other critters at Scuba Jeff House Reef, fine company, and oh-so-amazing diving.

HUGE thanks again to Jeff, and my awesome PADI EFR/Rescue Diver instructor, Pawel, as well as the rest of the crew and friends!  You all know who you are. xx

Coming back soon!  Who wants to join? :D

Pawel Ciechelski - I was a good time for me too and good students i hope to see you soon again :)

Ralf Siebeck - This is wonderful, Carli. The pictures take me away right into the trip. Feels like, i am there. Absolutely awesome! If tour operators need a promo, there is no better one than this… carrying emotions, feelings, fun, atmosphere…

First Class Runaways - A sensation! :-)

Magalie - Love!

Janka Husta - my talented mermaid :)

Souvik De - These are beautiful Carli. Thank you for sharing them. Hopefully, someday I will get to shoot with you.

2013 Finale


It’s been one hell of a year, but all good things must come to an end.  Wishing all my clients, models, friends and beautiful souls who have crossed my path this year safe travels, good food, great friends, lots of wine and plenty of pictures in 2014!


I wish I could run away and marry Hong Kong.  Such a perfect crazy city. I’m in love.

This is pretty much the end of my travel posts for 2013.  63 nights on the road.  Not too bad.  Looking forward to wherever 2014 takes me!  Happy New Years, friends!

Caitlin D - Gorgeous! Hong Kong is one of my favorite places on Earth. You make me want to return–there’s always something new to explore there, and you’ve done a fantastic job of seeking out the quirky little nooks and crannies of the place.

Magalie - I love this post! Reminds me of my 11 days in HK, which was absolutely amazing. What a great place :)

Marta & Felix | Botanic Gardens Wedding Portraits

These two had their wedding in Poland about a month ago, but wanted to do a bridal shoot back here.  When you’ve got a dress like that, why WOULDN’T you make another excuse to put it on!  It was like a post wedding pre-wedding shoot.

They were fabulous to work with.  Not only do they have style, they were totally up for a morning shoot to make use of that fabulous morning light, which so far I haven’t been able to convince ANYONE to do.  Oh yeah, and Marta also willing got up in a tree in that dress.  <3


Elżbieta Wiśniewska - What a couple! what a garden!!

Ewa Wisniewska - wonderful :)

Sharizqi Zain - Awesome…