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Pils Rundales | Latvia

Liberation day!  This one’s from the time our family had ridiculous Eastern European wealth and power.  Let’s just not say our great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather used said power to do nice things.  At least he had a couple of sweet palaces… we stocked up on pickled mushroom car snacks and drove around the country looking for them and the family crypt.  Pretty fine pieces of real estate.  And yes, we ate piragi in our summer palace.  It was all sorts of awesome.  Ummmm…. is this the right time to tell the family I almost lost all the photos from our trip?  That was pretty much the only reason I haven’t posted this last (and obviously most important) set from our trip.  After a lengthy and damn expensive data recovery effort, they’re all safe and sound now….. phewwwww


Salnava | Latvia | Gram’s summer estate

This one’s for the fam jam.

So for my summer holiday we went to the easternest part of Eastern Europe  – about 15 minutes from the Russian board – to sit on a rock.  It was a fine rock.  Gram always had great tastes in rocks.  We were taken mushroom picking, which was pretty much the greatest thing EVER, and then we buried Gram’s ashes in a vitamin jar on a hill with a chapel made by bears. True story.

I can see why Gram loved this place.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc | France

This is a post about the day I ended up in France and had absolutely no idea until I was on top of the mountain and started to get suspicious and had to confirm it by sending a whatsapp location marker to a friend to find out which country I was in.  And then I accidentally hiked halfway down the mountain and couldn’t walk for the next four days of my holiday. Yeah, it was a weird day.  Thank you, Kristine, for packing me a bottle of Corona for breakfast :D

Aiguille du Midi is insanely cool though, and you can just pay your way up, no need to hike!

Riga | Latvia

Back to the motherland to do a bit of tracing the roots.  Riga was fabulous.  Super pretty, not too busy, lots of streets of shops and food to explore and ooooooh summer food, all straight from the farm and forest.  Turns out that our family Christmas food is all just fairly regular Latvian food, so everything tasted like Christmas. In the middle of summer.  Cool.  Totally loved RESTAURANT 3 beautiful food, beautiful decor. Almost as good as eating out way through the public market!

Plenty of Latvian hipsters and Russian weirdness for amusement. If ever one has the opportunity to view soviet era taxidermy, one must take that opportunity. Be thankful there’s no photos of the dog merged to another dog medical experiment in here.




Cinque Terre | Italy

Seaside gelato, fried anchovies, olive trees, lemon trees, and 50000 other people.  These colourful little villages were so worth dealing with so many humans for a day. Of course I found some fabulous ceramics early in the day to weigh down my bag for the hike through the hills between villages.  And then we ate more gelato… about 6 cones.  End of story.