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Riga | Latvia

Back to the motherland to do a bit of tracing the roots.  Riga was fabulous.  Super pretty, not too busy, lots of streets of shops and food to explore and ooooooh summer food, all straight from the farm and forest.  Turns out that our family Christmas food is all just fairly regular Latvian food, so everything tasted like Christmas. In the middle of summer.  Cool.  Totally loved RESTAURANT 3 beautiful food, beautiful decor. Almost as good as eating out way through the public market!

Plenty of Latvian hipsters and Russian weirdness for amusement. If ever one has the opportunity to view soviet era taxidermy, one must take that opportunity. Be thankful there’s no photos of the dog merged to another dog medical experiment in here.




Cinque Terre | Italy

Seaside gelato, fried anchovies, olive trees, lemon trees, and 50000 other people.  These colourful little villages were so worth dealing with so many humans for a day. Of course I found some fabulous ceramics early in the day to weigh down my bag for the hike through the hills between villages.  And then we ate more gelato… about 6 cones.  End of story.

Road tripping through Tuscany

WOAH!  Finally back to blogging.  Loads of stuff that haven’t been posted, so hopefully I’ll get back into the habit.  It’s been a while.  Good thing I’ve got a ton of photos from two weeks around Europe this summer.  Because being chronological would be foolish, so I might as well start in the middle of the trip with our roadtrip around Tuscany.  At least… I think it was probably tuscany. So much perfect produce, gelato, old stuff and beautiful little villages.  We stayed at an amazing Airbnb in near Fivizzano, drank lots of wine, drove down to Cinque Terre (which will come up in another post later), and then back to Florence for a wedding… All to the sound track of a horrible Italian Radio Summer Hits CD.  Classic.

Amy and Mike | Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot

Botanic Gardens seems to be everyone’s favorite place to shoot.  I’ve lost track of how many times people have asked to shoot there.  I always prefer to shoot somewhere new, but it’s hard to deny that the gardens are pretty gorgeous at 7am when the light is perfect and there’s hardly anyone else around yet.

Nigel and Fitri | Gold Coast Wedding

Nigel and Fitri got married a few times.  This was the rainy one.  By “rainy” I mean…. in the middle of Cyclone Marcia.  I always had the impression that Australia was a sunny, dry place, but the entire team we were down on the Gold Coast it poured.  Drastic measures were taken: panties were thrown off buildings, a covert operation to hide chili/onion skewers around the venue took place, and we managed to hold back the rain at the right time to get outside for a few photos at the right time.