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The Great Malaysian Road Trip

A few days before a 4 day weekend when you have no plans, if a friends says, “hey, wanna go on a road trip,” the only appropriate answer is HELLS YES!

We pretty much covered as much of peninsular Malaysia as was humanly possible in 3 days (we came home a day early to avoid the jams at the border). We did 1500km and hit 6 states. If we had 2 more days I’m pretty sure we could have made it to the rest of the states, including Sabah and Sarawak. We’re that awesome. I’d hate to think about how much tea I drank on this trip.

Anyways… the itinerary went something like this: Escaped Singapore about 1am on Thursday, stopped for coffee around 3am and decided where we should aim for. Decided to try Pulau Pangkor. Arrived at the jetty some time in the morning, realized it was insanely busy, so made a detour to the beach paradise of Teluk Batik, with an incredibly classy octopus taking over a building. cool. Decided to try Taman Negara, and easily found a place with rooms available there. Drove past Ipoh, through Cameron Highlands, ended up almost out of petrol somewhere in Kelantan, and realized there was no way we were going to make it to Taman Negara, so we settled for the raging metropolis of Kuala Lipis. (At least they had good food there, which can’t be said about Taman Negara). Next day we made it to Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara) and visited the Orang Asli the next morning. The way back we almost went through Kuantan, but got bored, so turned around and took a super extra long way through KL. Most of the photos are from the car…. for obvious reasons.

Kiamat Selalu Dekat.

Tracy Wallace - Such beautiful imagery. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us :)

Keko - Hahahhaha… “KIAMAT SELALU DEKAT” winks..winks..

Virus - Good one. Im goign there too on friday.

mnj - good shoot. roadtrip unplanned.maveles

iem ahmad - awesome photos! and that sentence ‘kiamat selalu dekat’ scares me quite a bit..thanks for sharing

Ali Celik - Very nice photos!.. Thanks for sharing.

I am for 6 month in Malaysia – Penang. I am going to have a road trip, too. If you have some better improvings of your trip or some general tips, then let me know.

Thank you ..

Ali Celik (

Carlina - Hi Ali, this trip had no plans for any sort of destination. We just basically wanted to drive anywhere, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anything based on this one! Enjoy Penang!

Premala - Nice pics guys.. we are also planning for road trips.. thanks for the idea… :P

Ivan - How much you guys spend including petrol for 3 days?

Carlina - Ummm… No idea. It was a fee years ago. I think about one tank of petrol each and a little bit for rooms and food. Our biggest expense was probably tea. We drank a lot of tea.

Raafik - Hi Carlina, i love your photos. All of it. May I know what camera did you used and lenses?


Penang | Malaysia

World class street food!

So I think we’re officially foodies. We flew up to Penang for one night, just to eat our way through town. Of course none of the four of us (Jo, Alita, Ruby and myself) ever leave the house without cameras, so we did manage to snap a few photos along the food trail. I still can’t believe it took me 26 years of my life to make it up to Penang. Loved the town and could happily spend a whole lot more time wandering around all the old buildings, dreaming of buying a shop house and renovating it into a studio or lounge or my dream home or whatever….

Unfortunately I was struck down with a nasty flu the morning we arrived, and only made it out of the hotel a few times. Even though my sense of taste was pretty messed up because of the flu, Penang food is definitely everything it’s cracked up to be. YUMMMM! Unfortunately my fave café where I normally go for asam laksa just doesn’t cut it anymore.

jowena - super like!

Magalie - Torture!!!! I love Penang, can’t believe you hadn’t been there before!

PS. What’s with the cat???

ruby - burp!

i wonder how many photos you’d make if you were not sick.

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul - Malaysia is def a foodies paradise! Great pics again Carli!

Carlina - hahaha… Silly Alita decided to buy a singing and dancing cat from a guy on the side of the road.

Roger - Superb set of images – for a girl…

Carlina - @Rog… is that how you’re gonna play this, old man?

Jomak14 - superb photography as always!!!

Penny is awesome - I can’t believe you didnt even mention about your daughter AT ALL. The only reason why you love Penang is because me is from that land. If you would make some correction in the post, that will be much appreciated. Hahah!!! :p

Makes me miss mamaland food. You should come back again when I’m in town. Will bring you to some even more kampung places.

Katherine - Wow these are amazing, I was drooling over the album hahaha, so many pictures of food I miss dearly. Take care love!! Living vicariously through your photos:)

sydney - the photos are breathtaking!! :)

ALLABOUTPENANG - Thanks a lot for the awesome photos! Thumbs up for good food and
restaurant in Penang!

เกาะลันตา | Koh Lanta

Just wanted to add a few snaps from the rest of the Koh Lanta weekend. I guess I travel quite a lot, but there are only a few other weekend trips that I would rank quite as awesome and memorable as this one…. ok… two, to be exact. Anyways… this was definitely among my three favorite island weekends, even though it was windy and cold the whole time. Lots of awesome people; a trip across the island on a motorcycle that was in the process of breaking down, to fetch a drugged up cat from the vet; roosters competing with the mosque to see who could wake the neighborhood up earlier, going to Drunken Sailors 3 times a day; and some of the best Thai food I’ve had in AGES.

Next up: A delicious set from Penang….

A Parisian woman lost in KL aka V - Hello Carli,
Wow, loads of amazing pics, as always !!!
Happy girl!! you’ve found dead fishes and cats ;-)

kellie - love love these, carlina! the guys working on the boats are my fave.

kellie - i just scrolled back through….i take that back, there is not just one favorite…too many to list.

Cheryl - Eeeek!!! All of the pictures are lovely… except for the one where I’m all grubby, greasy, and front and center!! <3

Anti Gravity Divers | Koh Lanta

I went on a quick trip up to Koh Lanta this weekend, where one of my oldest friends…. ummm… I mean… she’s not OLD… but I’ve known her longer than I’ve known almost anyone else, has been diving during her regular resort’s low season. I’ve spent quite a lot of time deliberately avoiding diving, and only partially because the thought of not breathing naturally occurring oxygen creeps me out, but mostly because I know I’d neeeed to take up underwater photography…. And that’s just crazy expensive.

Anyways, the Anti Gravity Divers team was totally amazing, and now I’m pretty much set on breaking my vow not to dive, just because of them. I didn’t dive this trip… just hung out, did some snorkeling and shot a few photos (above water!) of the team and their brand-spanking-new boat. Next time I go up there (and believe me, there’ll be a next time), I’m diving for sure.

Well that’s about two paragraphs more than I ever write on a blog, so a huge thanks to everyone at Anti Gravity Divers for a weekend I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, especially Anand, P’Pao, Sarah, Oscar the kitteh, and of course Tamara and Mat Yie. If you want to dive in Krabi, look them up! They’re based at Amantra Resort and Spa, Koh Lanta.

Patrick - And where are the pictures of Oscar the kitteh? Humm? What a lead-on – pique my interest with possibilities of scuba-diving kitteh, then give me nothing but great shots of a really fun time

Grr. We wantz moar kitteh!

Looks like you had a blast!

Carlina - @Patrick… aahahahaha… oscar the kitteh wasn’t on the boat. the poor little baby had a bit of a traumatizing visit to the vet. I promise he’ll make an appearance on the next post… you’ll just have to come back and see ;)

Magalie - Whoa, you are just mindblowingly amazing. I wasn’t expecting such great photos of a dive shop and a dive boat!

I hear your pain about diving and pictures, but trust me, when you start, you have too many other things to think about and focus on before getting to the point where you’d feel ready for it! That should spare you for some time :P

Lindsey - The last picture is my favorite… <3 Thailand and their islands :D

Piragi Afternoon

There’s nothing quite as perfect as spending the afternoon Christmas baking and drinking wine with a friend. Or that might be the case if I wasn’t cursed, and could actually bake! Once a year I like to try to beat the curse, and make Piragi, which is basically Latvia’s greatest contribution to the world. For the last few years, they’ve been turning out acceptable, but this year, the baking gods just wouldn’t have it :(

The yeast was totally dead. I didn’t even know yeast can die! it didn’t rise AT ALL! Now I’m totally ashamed that I’m going to be serving these rock hard buns for Christmas. But considering how hard they turned out, we sure did eat a lot of them after… so maybe they’re not THAT bad ;)

Lani Barbitta - Carli – these are great, as always. I really love how you tell stories through your photo compilations! Happy Holidays and an even Happier New Year!

Eva - Believe it or not, this is the first time i’m seeing those! ;-)
Great job, as always…can’t believe it is exactly a year already…!!! Love