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Akanksha and Roy | Fort Canning Wedding

Akanksha and Roy’s solomnization and reception at Fort Canning Park.

I had no choice but to split their wedding in to two parts. Even if it was a “small” wedding, and fully planned in twenty days, it was still three days long! The prewedding events are in the last post here.

Kurien - yay!! my pic is here.. i look hot! thanks :)
P.S. Terribly beautiful photos! I wanna cry.

alain - I love the atmosphere of the daily life of people every day.

PADI Open Water Diver Course | Anti Gravity Divers

I finally did my Open Water course! A HUGE thanks to my friends at Anti Gravity Divers – especially Anand, and Sara (who drew the short straw, and had to be my instructor). I’m so glad I finally stopped making all the excuses I could think of to avoid diving. Unfotuntately I love it as much as I thought I would, and now I’m being pressured into buying underwater housing. I’m going to make up more excuses, so I can keep on avoiding doing that.

*disclaimer – A couple of the photos in this post were shot by Pao, of, who has an unfortunate habit of leaving my camera on all day and draining the battery. He also doesn’t know how to spell “Lens.” I’ve already had some words with him about it; he chooses to ignore my linguistic advice.

Thomas Hjorth - Awesome pictures.. Likey.!

zaim - you compiled the “puke” picture! shame on you. haha. by the way great photos! it was nice to have the last dive at koh haa with you.

Carlina - shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! that was supposed to be a secret! I didn’t think anyone would look close enouogh to spot it!

Lim Yan Hwea - The photos are great!!! Oh…I just miss the great time having fun at Koh Haa and Koh Lanta!!!

harish - I simply love your photos. I saw the water mark on Akansha’s wedding picture and looked up on search. I have been hooked to your pictures since then. I like the way you have presented it on your website. The overall theme and presentation little text followed by all photos. The small description is suffice for the photos tell the story completely. Great work. Hope I could learn somethings from you. If you ever make a trip to USA do let me know :)
your new fan…!

Yungs - I love your photos…simply the best!

Pulau Bunaken | Manado | Indonesia

Loooong time since posting. I know. Anyways, I’m done with my real job now, so I have plenty of time to work on long-neglected photos as I look for jobs.

I’m not posting my Sulawesi photos in order, because I don’t feel like it… And by that, I mostly just mean I’m lazy and there’s a lot more of the Tana Toraja ones than there were of these from Bunaken. I figured that it would take me less time to finish this set than the other one, so I could feel like I’ve been productive sooner :)

Bunaken’s alright. Nothing special, but then again, my beach standards are too high for anyone’s good. The water’s clear, and I hear the diving’s great, but there’s SO much garbage in the water. Everywhere. I got painfully sunburnt on the first morning we were there, chasing a pod of pilot whales, so I basically sat around and relaxed at the homestay place we were in.

South Sulawasi post will be coming up soon!

Virginie - Great set as always.
Hope you will find a job you love.


Magalie - Stunning, just stunning! Can’t wait to see the shots from the place you preferred! One day I totally want to go on a photo vacation with you :)

Carlina - Yes! I’ll go on a photo holiday with you anytime girl!

Magda - Another set of great photos. You should blog more often! :)

jazzspeed - Carlina… how r u?

I become ur BIG FAN! your photos simply stunning… LIKE LIKE LIKE!


Carlina - Thanks Achman! How are you doing? been out shooting lately?

Suba’s Family Prayers II

I had the pleasure of shooting Suba’s family prayers for a second year in a row. This year was just as fun as the first round… with nicer light, and a bit more space to move around, but a whole lot more smoke to inhale – great fun!

My immune system is in a loosing battle to some nasty food poisoning that just doesn’t want to let up, so I’m in no mood to write, but on a completely unrelated note, I’m off to Sulawesi this weekend to look for something interesting to shoot…. and mud.

Rog - Bravo! Love every shot!

deji.fisher - Loving your work Carli! Well done!

Joey Makalintal - Fascinating images as always! Well done, Carli!

Souvik - Awesome pictures!!! love the white sari that you friend have on!! great shoot.

Basu Irish - Thank you Carli. Once again great frames, cant wait to see the set!! :)