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I’m Back!

It’s been a busy few weeks since the big career change.  It’s been nothing but encouraging and business is starting to pick up.  I finally finished my complete overhaul of this website, including a shiny new logo, courtesy of  All my posts are still the same, but everything else about this space is brand new.  I hope you like it!

I’ll be back soon with new photos and new news.  In the meantime, drop by my facebook page and give me a like!  Facebook page: that’s also new :)


It’s time for a change.

A BIG change. In this space and in my life. I’ve finally quit my day job to do photography full time. I’m super excited for all the freedom that this New Years will bring, and am already loving being my own boss.

I’m busy rebranding and updating this space. Instead of shutting down the blog, I’m trying to minimize down time and keep it open through the changes as much as possible.

Until I finish work, things might get a little messy. Please bear with me for the next few days until the shiny new page is up and running!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I’ll be back in 2013, in style.

magda - This is great and exciting news! I wish I had balls to do the same.

You will do great! All the best!

Carlina - Thanks Magda! I’m super excited about this!

Pepy - Great news, Carlina! Hope to see you in person one day, either in Indonesia or Canada :). Happy Holidays!

Souvik - This is a great news Carlina! I have been following your stuff for sometime now and I just love it. Hopefully, you will run some workshop in the near future!!!

All the best for your new career.

Carlina - Thanks so much, Souvik! Yes, I’m actually starting to run private workshops, totally personlized for the skills and goals of my clients. First one is next week and another one in Malaysia a couple weeks later. Very excited to run them! Let me know if you’re in the area and interested

Bali – Flores Part IV | Moni to Muamere

Four awesome things about this post:

1 – I make a cameo in my own blog! This may be unprecedented.
2 – This was the day an egg dropped out of the sky onto my camera bag on top of a mountain. Don’t Ask.
3 – Hitch hiked from Moni to Paga Beach in a fish delivery truck.
4 – I’m finally done the Flores adventure pictures!

Bali – Flores Part III | Bajawa

I really had no idea how to spend a week in Flores. My decision to stop in Bajawa was based soley on the fact that our ranger/guide on Rinca was from Bajawa, and he was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so I figured that if everyone in Bajawa was as nice as him, I should go there. (I’m not entirely sure why I thought there would be any connenction. Everywhere has awesome people and less-awesome people). Turns out, I was kind of right. Everyone in Bajawa was super nice and we were treated like family from the minute we arrived.

Had an awesome time exploring there, even though the guys tried to take us down the side of a mountain to go to a waterfall and I’m pretty sure we never would have gotten back up if we actually went with them and slid all the way down. And then they wouldn’t even take me to buy vanilla!

This was about the time I achieved the impossible and become totally sick of nasi padang. I didn’t think I’d ever reach that stage, but I pretty much ate only bus-stop-quality nasi padang for the entire trip, so by this point I just stopped eating altogether.

I was going to add the rest of the Flores trip to this post, but there was just too many pictures for anyone’s good. The rest will be up soon.

Marselino Toa - coollllllll….

Giancarlo Cittolin - A very personal view of Ngada land, Flores

Bali – Flores Part II | Lombok – Labuan Bajo

Apparently it’s supposed to be the journey that matters, not the destination. Not true when you’re taking 2 days worth of buses and boats to Labuan Bajo. The trip sucks, but the destination totally makes up for it.

It’s not every day you get to go dragon hunting. (Sorry, not hunting – dragon “observing” – those beasties are protected). You need to be seriously committed, because it’s a bloody long way from the rest of civilization. When I bought my Bus/Boat ticket to Labuan Bajo on Gili Trawangan I was told it was like 18 hours or something. WRONG! I think the whole trip worked out to 38 hours or something stupidly long like that. Plenty of opportunities for horrible buses with your choice of the seat that’s not attached to the floor or the one you need to share with a motorbike. It takes a lot to scare me, but our night bus across Sumbawa freaked me right out. We were going ridiculously fast for no reason at all and over taking everyone else on the road who was going a reasonable speed. I now understand how those major bus disasters happen that you hear about every now and then.

Fast forward to the part we finally got off our last ferry ride (8 hours from Sape on the eastern point of Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo), slept for the night and hopped back on a boat first thing the next morning and headed 2 hours back in the direction we had come from to Rinca island to visit the dragons. Amazing. Labuan Bajo is super pretty, and the trip out to Rinca was beautiful. The Komodo dragons were just the icing on the cake. Here’s some pictures.

magda - I just love those photos! I like the way you show the world, it’s very inspirational and I feel like dropping everything and going to Indonesia tomorrow!