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Penang | Taipusam 2013

I’ve been to Taipusam in Singapore twice already, so I thought I’d head up to Penang to shoot it this year.  It was a little different than the Singapore version.  Less piercing and more of a festival atmosphere that pretty much goes all day.  It still blows my mind that it seems totally normal while I’m there but the minute I start looking back at the photos then I start cringing.  We followed a couple of groups about halfway down the route.  Most people started later in the day, but it was crazy hot, so we just shot in the morning and then slept the rest of the day :)

I’ve been experimenting with new processing meathods lately.  Let me know what you think of this style, it was actually a custom creation for a client (post coming up next!), but I think I like it, so wanted to try it out on some of my own stuff as well.

Magalie - Yep, cringing.

(Great shots btw, and I love the quick turnaround!

Stefan - Very impressing images, great reportage! Just as one is used from you!

Irene A Kuntjoro - Chinese Hindu in Penang? Interesting!

Philippines Part II | El Nido

This is the post that pretty much descends into a cocktail-induced mess (thanks, Seaslugs!).  For the sake of the integrity and public image of everyone involved, I limited the truely messy evenings.

Lots of awesome diving with Submariner Diving, even though we were stupidly sick.  Other than that all we really did all week was sit around looking at the beautiful view of the beach and watch the ocean and islands change colour all day… mmmm yes.

Nothing more I want to say about this post, other than that I miss 4 hour happy hours, and this post ought to be listed to with Tracy Chapman or Message in  a Bottle by the Police in the background.  It’s only right.

Deji Fisher - Beautiful shots Carli…loving your work!

Judy McConaghy - Stunning.

Chris Barfoot - Beaut photos! I’m missing the team over there so much. Windel’s smile will make any photo a winner!

Kyle White - Amazing Photos! Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories of the people and the place.

Philippines Part I | Malapascua and Cebu

Considering I spent almost the whole time on Malapascua underwater, studying for my Advanced Open Water course or being sick, I find this post rather short for a week of beach time.  But it includes an excellent squence that is H’s reaction to waking up in the morning, so I couldn’t NOT post it.

Malapascua’s a fantastic little island.  We dove with Evolution Diving who were awesome, and treated us super well (thanks Jaimie, Shelagh, Roland and the best boat crew I’ve ever had).  The dive sites around the island weren’t super spectacular, but their famous thresher sharks are amazing.  I’d definitely go back again just to hang out with the sharkies.  Monad Shoal was absolutely sureal.  I can’t imagine a more amazing first deep dive.  It came at an especially good time, because the night before I did my first night dive, which was super boring.  The water got super choppy as we were heading out so it was juuuuust a little freaky trying to jump off the boat in the last seconds of light when it’s rocking so hard the bow was smacking down into the waves.  Luckily I had a great night dive in El Nido a few days later to make up for it, so I haven’t completely sworn off night dives just yet.

Unfortunately, the next post – from the other stop on our trip – just decends into happy hour cocktail nonsense.  At least pretty views were involved, so I’ll post it anyways as soon as the processing’s done.

Magalie - What, no underwater photos? J/k. Btwn, that storm is scary awesome and I want that pork in my belly!

Patio Season in Vancouver

Cheer up Vancity, patio season will come back soon.

And I’m going to be there to fully embrace every patio moment I can, all summer long!  I’ll be in Canada for most of the summer.  The plan is to be in Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops, Calgary and a trip up to the Yukon/Alaska, so if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in any of those areas between June and late July, or are interested in any other shoot, drop me a message!

These are all from last spring when I was in Vancouver for 3 amazingly sunny days of friends and patio hopping my way through vancouver.  No better way to enjoy that awesome Vancouver food, and plenty of cocktails.

Photographer friends Kelven Ng and Magalie L’Abbé make apperances in this post.  Go check out their blogs!


Dean - you have such a natural eye for describing something in photos. how much post-prod do you do if you don’t mind my asking?

Carlina - Thanks Dean, I only shoot raw, so I process everything, althought I normally keep things as natural as possible with only basic corrections and a bit of toning enhancement.

Magalie - Love these! And so weird to see me in a post – that never happens! Drop by Kelowna when you’re back in Canada!

Margo Rita - Beautiful photos !!
Do you shoot for Travel and Leisure magazines??

Carlina - Thanks Margo! Would LOVE to shoot for Travel + Leisure! Unfortunately that hasn’t happened just yet. I do freelance for a Chinese lifestyle magazine, and have had lots of other publications use my photos though.

I’m Back!

It’s been a busy few weeks since the big career change.  It’s been nothing but encouraging and business is starting to pick up.  I finally finished my complete overhaul of this website, including a shiny new logo, courtesy of  All my posts are still the same, but everything else about this space is brand new.  I hope you like it!

I’ll be back soon with new photos and new news.  In the meantime, drop by my facebook page and give me a like!  Facebook page: that’s also new :)