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Hukum Online

While I was in Jakarta I did a quick corporate shoot for Hukum Online for some marketing materials.  I got free run of their (really pretty) offices to do candid environmental shots of their staff.  This was my one and only day of work the whole trip, then I had three beautiful weeks of playing.  Will start posting the real trip pictures soon!

Lost on Java

I just got home from a month exploring Java (with a quick, mid-travel holiday in Bali, of course).  Lots of great adventures of getting stuck in the mountains, missing out on the post card view of Bromo and testing the limits of my pathetic Bahasa skills to talk my way out of a few situations.  Drowning in about 2000 photos from the trip, but some full posts will be coming soon.  I’m back in town now for a while and will be back to responding to emails and requests a little faster.

Magalie - Really, all you have is 2000 pictures after 1 month? See, that’s why I’m drowning in a giant ocean of photos… I have so many 500+ days, I don’t even know where to begin… I’m excited to see your shots though, maybe it will motivate me to finally finish editing Indonesia!

Carlina - 500+ DAYS?? yikkes. Ok, maybe I’ve got a few like that. Bromo was a pretty extensive shooting day (actually just morning, really). I’ve hardly seen ANY of your indo photos, I’ve been waiting for quite some time now really ;)

Akanksha Mehta - This is my favorite photo ever. Beautiful!

Clubvivre | Babi Guling Roast held its first pop up restaurant event this weekend.  The website lets you book private chefs for awesome personal dining experiences hand-chosen by founders Maria + Andries.  They’ve got incredible taste, so I’m completely confident you can’t go wrong with any of the very unique experiences offered on the site.

This atas babi guling launch event was held at a very modern Indonesian art gallery at Gillman Barracks so it had an awesome atmosphere to go along with Chef John Sawarto’s roast pig + wagyu beef cheek rendang feast.  It’s sort of hard to shoot with the very distracting aroma of babi guling roasting over charcoal for a couple of hours….

I’m in love with the batik napkins they used.  Lucky for me I’m heading off on a three-week javanese batik hunt in a few days.  I know what I’ll be buying! <3

Igor Prahin - Great series, the pig almost looked like it had makeup! I trust you got paid for this professional work?

Carlina Teteris - Not just paid, but it also came with a bonus of babi guling sampling and a few glasses of fantastic wine :)

Magalie - Dude. Seriously? I was just about to cook dinner and this looks so awesome it ruined my dinner.

Carlina - HA! I doubt it! Dinner at your place always looks amazing. In fact, I full intend to invite myself over for a meal when I’m in BC this summer :)

Ralf Siebeck - A real sensation. Curious about the lens you are using here…

Carlina - Thanks Ralf! I think this set is mainly my 135mm f/2.0 DC (pretty much magic, in f-mount format), and the 24-70 for most of the interior shots except when it’s obviously UWA – 14-24mm 2.8.

Penang | Taipusam 2013

I’ve been to Taipusam in Singapore twice already, so I thought I’d head up to Penang to shoot it this year.  It was a little different than the Singapore version.  Less piercing and more of a festival atmosphere that pretty much goes all day.  It still blows my mind that it seems totally normal while I’m there but the minute I start looking back at the photos then I start cringing.  We followed a couple of groups about halfway down the route.  Most people started later in the day, but it was crazy hot, so we just shot in the morning and then slept the rest of the day :)

I’ve been experimenting with new processing meathods lately.  Let me know what you think of this style, it was actually a custom creation for a client (post coming up next!), but I think I like it, so wanted to try it out on some of my own stuff as well.

Magalie - Yep, cringing.

(Great shots btw, and I love the quick turnaround!

Stefan - Very impressing images, great reportage! Just as one is used from you!

Irene A Kuntjoro - Chinese Hindu in Penang? Interesting!

Philippines Part II | El Nido

This is the post that pretty much descends into a cocktail-induced mess (thanks, Seaslugs!).  For the sake of the integrity and public image of everyone involved, I limited the truely messy evenings.

Lots of awesome diving with Submariner Diving, even though we were stupidly sick.  Other than that all we really did all week was sit around looking at the beautiful view of the beach and watch the ocean and islands change colour all day… mmmm yes.

Nothing more I want to say about this post, other than that I miss 4 hour happy hours, and this post ought to be listed to with Tracy Chapman or Message in  a Bottle by the Police in the background.  It’s only right.

Deji Fisher - Beautiful shots Carli…loving your work!

Judy McConaghy - Stunning.

Chris Barfoot - Beaut photos! I’m missing the team over there so much. Windel’s smile will make any photo a winner!

Kyle White - Amazing Photos! Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories of the people and the place.