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Bali | Pemuteran

A short and sweet post from North West Bali, and alone time with Kris (hi Kris!)

I’ve never been to the north coast, and since we came over land from Java and arrived in the evening, spent 2 or 3 hours hoping a bus would fill up and take us somewhere (which it didn’t so we just chilled in the bus station until it got dark and we were starving to death), Pemuteran, just outside the West Bali National Park, seemed like an excellent place to relax for a couple of days.

The place we stayed – Jubawa Homestay – was perfect.  Really nice place and the off-season price was amazingly cheap – USD25.00 for the room, breakfast and dinner for the two of us.  Diving was pretty cheap too.  There were some pretty nice wall dives around the park, if that’s your thing, although not a whole lot of creatures really.  Pemuteran has a few hotels, but is pretty much just a fishing village along the main Northern road, and is WAY quieter than anywhere else I’ve been in Bali.  A perfect place for a mid-travelling holiday!

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Central Java | Dieng Plateau

Land of potatoes and volcanoes.

So it turns out that Java only really starts getting interested once you hit the mountains.  A few people had recommended I check out Dieng, but nobody really seemed to know much about it.  It was pretty much the best surprise of the whole trip.  The whole area was stunning.  It didn’t seem like there was anywhere to stay leading up to Dieng itself, but the road from Wonosobo past Dieng was gorgeous.  So many great views of volcanoes and hills covered in fields.  Definitely somewhere I’d go back to, but probably try to hire a motorbike in Wonosobo and head out early early in the morning to catch sunrise over the mountains, so I could see more of the whole area.

Dieng itself was shockingly cold.  I arrived in the pouring rain and was totally unprepared for the cold.  I slept with 3 blankets, wearing everything I brought with me and was shivering uncontrollably.  The nice thing about being there in low season was that I had an entire house to myself.  There were actually lots of people visiting for the weekend I was up there, but they really only came out mid morning once I finished shooting, so it was pretty easy to avoid the crowds around the temples and crater.

Anyways… enough writing. Here are some pictures.

Elyse - Gorgeous Pics! What a unique place. I love this last one of the sporty boys vying for attention. classic.

Dieng Plateau - Amazing Pic. how the light and the cloud combined is perfect

Clubvivre | High Tea & Art Jamming

Clubvivre hosted another original and classy event this weekend that I was fortunate enough to shoot.  This time, they paired a ladies-only, champagne high tea with a freestyle painting session at Del Fine Art Studio.  Local artist Delphine Bernard led the bubbly-induced abstract art session in her studio (all the art on the walls is hers, btw).

Clubvivre has an awesome selection of public events coming up, each styled by the amazing Maria and Andries and their hand-picked chefs and collaborators.  I’m very excited to be a part of them.  Stay tuned for more Clubvivre photos, or you could take a wander over to their site and grab your place at one of these brilliant culinary experiences.  I recommend the latter.

Cirebon & Pekolangan | A Batik Pilgrimage

BATIK!  So I’m pretty much a lost cause.  As one of my travel buddies this trip put it – buying batik is a slippery slope.  Seriously.  You walk into a batik shop never thinking you’d have any reason to need some of the stuff, but it’s almost impossible to leave empty-handed.  And then it becomes addictive and starts to spiral out of control and you end up trying to justify needing to buy $700.00 batik (I haven’t been able to justify it just yet, by the way), or exploring the industrial wasteland of Java’s northern coast in search of the stuff.

Cirebon and Pekolangan are otherwise pretty boring.  I basically went out of curiosity and because I had a whole lot of time to roam around Java this trip.  If batik doesn’t excite you and you’re not REALLY into Javanese history, there’s not too much point in going out of your way to either of these cities.

I did leave with a bag full of batik, including napkins similar to the ones that I fell in love with at the Babi Guling event I shot last month, so it would be hard to say that my time was completely wasted there :)

Next up – I’ll finally get to the pretty parts of the trip!

Namaaz Dining | Underground Molecular Gastronomy

Jakarta is quickly becoming one of the coolest cities I know.  Every time I’m there I fall deeper and deeper in love with the place; next time I go I don’t think I’m coming back.  There’s so much happening there now, so many cool things to do, and oh, the food is incredible.

One of the nights we were there we went to the reservation-only underground restaurant Namaaz.  Chef Andrian Ishak serves up 17 courses of super-creative molecular gastronomy Indonesian food to up to 8 people/ night.  We needed to make reservations two weeks in advance, and it was a little more than I’d normally pay for a meal in Jakarta (more than I can live off of for a week travelling in Indonesia, really…).  Considering there were 17 mind blowing courses, it was actually a really awesome value and an amazing dinning experience.  I’m sure a comparable evening would cost a whole lot more in any other city.

Each course was super different than the next and the presentation was brilliant.  Most of all it they just severely messed with your mind and every dish was a really common Indonesian flavour, but looked so completely different than normal it was hard to place the taste.  I don’t think I’m really supposed to give away too many details, but if you’re in Jakarta or passing through go check this place out. Seriously.  Fun times.

Roger Lim - Very very cool. I’m almost jealous.

Magalie - Looks like tons of fun!

Sari Pratiwi - coooooool