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Lost on Java

I just got home from a month exploring Java (with a quick, mid-travel holiday in Bali, of course).  Lots of great adventures of getting stuck in the mountains, missing out on the post card view of Bromo and testing the limits of my pathetic Bahasa skills to talk my way out of a few situations.  […]

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Penang | Taipusam 2013

I’ve been to Taipusam in Singapore twice already, so I thought I’d head up to Penang to shoot it this year.  It was a little different than the Singapore version.  Less piercing and more of a festival atmosphere that pretty much goes all day.  It still blows my mind that it seems totally normal while […]

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Bali – Flores Part IV | Moni to Muamere

Four awesome things about this post: 1 – I make a cameo in my own blog! This may be unprecedented. 2 – This was the day an egg dropped out of the sky onto my camera bag on top of a mountain. Don’t Ask. 3 – Hitch hiked from Moni to Paga Beach in a […]

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Bali – Flores Part III | Bajawa

I really had no idea how to spend a week in Flores. My decision to stop in Bajawa was based soley on the fact that our ranger/guide on Rinca was from Bajawa, and he was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so I figured that if everyone in Bajawa was as nice as […]

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Tana Toraja | Sulawesi Selatan

I also considered naming this post “how I developed a phobia of water buffalos.” Anyways, the point is – Toraja is a weird and wonderful place. Seriously weird. But it’s super beautiful and the people are amazingly nice, so we’ll go with wonderful as well just weird. Torajan lifestyle seems to be based around the […]

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