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Canada part I | Cranbrook

Most of the time I travel I come back with a nice tan (and by that, I mean completely sunburned, of course); this trip I came back with a suitcase full of sweaters and a wine hangover so bad that I’m just managing to get rid of it now, a month later.  Since this little trip was sort of in three, very rushed, parts, I’ll post each part separately.  If not, I won’t be posting anything until the new years when I expect to finish working on all the photos.  Part I is from my parent’s place, which is pretty much 6 hours from anywhere. They have chickens there.  and lots and lots of trees…. hence this post pretty consisting of almost exclusively chickens and trees.

A Parisian woman lost in KL aka V - Hi dear Carlina,

Your latest images are so full of love and emotions… really beautiful. I love them all//;-)

See ya

Jenna - OMG it’s beautiful! No wonder you became a tree-hugger :D

khengsiong - Canada is… such a beautiful place! (But it’s too cold in winter.)

Carlina - Thanks all~

Jenna! I don’t hug treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I kick them! ….yeah! and punch them!

Janet - So nice to see the family! Some things never change, Peter still chasing Chickens and Kittens!

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