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Jagalchi Fish Market | Busan | South Korea

I hate that we’re over fishing every fish/ocean dwelling creature stock in the sea.  I also love hanging out at fish markets and fishing ports.  I can’t reconcile this hypocrisy in my life. I spent basically a whole day in Jagalchi Market in Busan.  The indoor market is kind of lame, but I really didn’t give it much chance because it was indoors and had horrible light dead fish deserve to be photographed in beautiful natural light.  Luckily there’s a huge outdoor area around the indoor building and it’s fine to just wander around the port.  Totally my kind of holiday.

It’s possible to buy fish and ask the stalls upstairs to cook it (or slice it raw), but it’s super over priced and not good. I did manage to get a very cheap breakfast at the outdoor stalls, which would have comfortable fed about 4 people for 10000krw (12sgd).  It also wasn’t good.  Such a shame to have access to all that amazing fresh seafood and not be able to properly enjoy it!

ralf siebeck - Hi Carli, congratulations! A perfect series!

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