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Busan | South Korea

I took the train to Busan last month.  Spoiler Alert: no zombies.

I did find plenty of dead fish.  I’ll save those for an entire post of their own.  This one involves the charming hillside village of Gamcheon with pretty colourful houses, plenty of mediocre food, and Taejongdae, which I’m sure would be alright in nice weather.  At least it was nice to have a few days to myself, explore somewhere new and take photos not for work.  I actually think the zippy fast train to get there was my favorite part.  I do promise to share all the dead fish in the next post though.

If anyone from Busan sees this post, PLEASE, enlighten me… how many pairs of socks does the average Busanian own? Why are there *SO MANY* sock vendors in the city! I’m so confused.

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