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Seaweed Farming | Nusa Lembongan

There only seems to be three types of people on Lembongan: surfers, divers and seaweed farmers, this post’s dedicated to the farmers.  Of course there’s probably a bit of overlap, but everyone seems to keep to their own schedule, so even though there’s apparently quite a lot of people on the island it doesn’t seem very busy at all.  Seaweed farming doesn’t look like a lot of fun.  These poor ladies (maybe the men too, but I don’t heard from the ladies) were FREEZING…. and complaining about it like no other.  I’m not entirely sure where the seaweed goes, I don’t think it’s eaten though, I think it’s for other products.  They did look at me a little weird when I asked if the sea vegetables were delicious.  How should I know how to say “seaweed” in bahasa.  “Sayur laut” seemed to get the point across… or at least the point that I was weird enough to want to taste the fresh stuff they had just harvested.

Most of these were from the low tide fields at Jungut Batu near where I was staying, although there were a bunch of other farms around the island as well. 

Magalie - Amazing job (yet again)!

Carlina - Thanks Magalie! What have you been up to these days? I’ve been missing your posts. *sadface*

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