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Shirlene & Eugene | Icecream shop engagement shoot

Eugene and Shirlene are dedicated Ben & Jerry’s fans.  As I’m told, Eugene basically seduced Shirlene with copious amounts of ice cream – like, 10 pints at a time.  Naturally, they needed to do a pre-wedding shoot at Ben & Jerry’s.  The shop on Dempsey Hill was absolutely perfect.  Lovely heritage building and a VW van that matched their choice of ice cream.  If anyone from the shop asks, NO, we did not touch the van.  You can’t prove anything.

Roger Lim - Great job! You can cover my 21st birthday!

Carlina Teteris - What? I thought you were turning 6 this year?

Akila Saifi - Loved the pictures. Great job.

Magalie - Fun idea! (And great photos too)

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