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Yogjakarta | Central Java

Finally at the end of my Java photos.  This was my second time in Jogja and I still love it. Maybe even more than my first time.  Really looking forward to being able to spend a few months there at some point to study more Bahasa.  It’ll happen.

Edmund Tran - That little bird has the funnies expression on it’s face.

Indonesia Eats - Carlina, I just recalled there is a Canadian that I know. He lives in Yogyakarta and was a master degree student of Indonesian literature at Gadjah Mada University. You might ask him for help in bahasa :)

Carlina - Oh, I have plenty of Indonesian friends to steal words from. I’ve been planning for a while to spend a few months in Jogja to go to one of the language schools, I’m just not really sure when.

Romulo Rejon - Great post! It was great to see pictures from Prambanan and Jogya after returning from there.
The last picture is absolutely fabulous!

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