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Mumbai | Maharashtra

This post is a bit like my processing style at the moment – unplanned and nonsensical but DONE.

I set out on a mission to process the backlog of files that have been jamming up my internal hard drive for about a year.  It turns out that running super slow software on a computer with about ten GB of space left is almost impossible.  I normally work pretty chronologically, but I’ve been processing about eight sets simultaneously and I’m not sure when the last time I left the house was. I managed to finish everything up until the about a month ago, and will be sharing a few more short sets that hadn’t really fit in anywhere else, but still deserve a place up here.  I almost didn’t bother processing or posting these photos, but I know I’d have to keep thinking about them not being finished if I didn’t.

Normally I like to make posts in a narrative style, which this one doesn’t have in any perceivable way.  It turns out that that’s exactly how this weekend in Mumbai went, though!  Our plans changed at at least once or twice per taxi ride on our way to wherever, so we ended up not exactly doing anything, but having loads of fun doing it.

Will get back to the Java posts soon.  The best part is coming up!

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