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Namaaz Dining | Underground Molecular Gastronomy

Jakarta is quickly becoming one of the coolest cities I know.  Every time I’m there I fall deeper and deeper in love with the place; next time I go I don’t think I’m coming back.  There’s so much happening there now, so many cool things to do, and oh, the food is incredible.

One of the nights we were there we went to the reservation-only underground restaurant Namaaz.  Chef Andrian Ishak serves up 17 courses of super-creative molecular gastronomy Indonesian food to up to 8 people/ night.  We needed to make reservations two weeks in advance, and it was a little more than I’d normally pay for a meal in Jakarta (more than I can live off of for a week travelling in Indonesia, really…).  Considering there were 17 mind blowing courses, it was actually a really awesome value and an amazing dinning experience.  I’m sure a comparable evening would cost a whole lot more in any other city.

Each course was super different than the next and the presentation was brilliant.  Most of all it they just severely messed with your mind and every dish was a really common Indonesian flavour, but looked so completely different than normal it was hard to place the taste.  I don’t think I’m really supposed to give away too many details, but if you’re in Jakarta or passing through go check this place out. Seriously.  Fun times.

Roger Lim - Very very cool. I’m almost jealous.

Magalie - Looks like tons of fun!

Sari Pratiwi - coooooool

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