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Lost on Java

I just got home from a month exploring Java (with a quick, mid-travel holiday in Bali, of course).  Lots of great adventures of getting stuck in the mountains, missing out on the post card view of Bromo and testing the limits of my pathetic Bahasa skills to talk my way out of a few situations.  Drowning in about 2000 photos from the trip, but some full posts will be coming soon.  I’m back in town now for a while and will be back to responding to emails and requests a little faster.

Magalie - Really, all you have is 2000 pictures after 1 month? See, that’s why I’m drowning in a giant ocean of photos… I have so many 500+ days, I don’t even know where to begin… I’m excited to see your shots though, maybe it will motivate me to finally finish editing Indonesia!

Carlina - 500+ DAYS?? yikkes. Ok, maybe I’ve got a few like that. Bromo was a pretty extensive shooting day (actually just morning, really). I’ve hardly seen ANY of your indo photos, I’ve been waiting for quite some time now really ;)

Akanksha Mehta - This is my favorite photo ever. Beautiful!

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