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Philippines Part II | El Nido

This is the post that pretty much descends into a cocktail-induced mess (thanks, Seaslugs!).  For the sake of the integrity and public image of everyone involved, I limited the truely messy evenings.

Lots of awesome diving with Submariner Diving, even though we were stupidly sick.  Other than that all we really did all week was sit around looking at the beautiful view of the beach and watch the ocean and islands change colour all day… mmmm yes.

Nothing more I want to say about this post, other than that I miss 4 hour happy hours, and this post ought to be listed to with Tracy Chapman or Message in  a Bottle by the Police in the background.  It’s only right.

Deji Fisher - Beautiful shots Carli…loving your work!

Judy McConaghy - Stunning.

Chris Barfoot - Beaut photos! I’m missing the team over there so much. Windel’s smile will make any photo a winner!

Kyle White - Amazing Photos! Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories of the people and the place.

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