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Philippines Part I | Malapascua and Cebu

Considering I spent almost the whole time on Malapascua underwater, studying for my Advanced Open Water course or being sick, I find this post rather short for a week of beach time.  But it includes an excellent squence that is H’s reaction to waking up in the morning, so I couldn’t NOT post it.

Malapascua’s a fantastic little island.  We dove with Evolution Diving who were awesome, and treated us super well (thanks Jaimie, Shelagh, Roland and the best boat crew I’ve ever had).  The dive sites around the island weren’t super spectacular, but their famous thresher sharks are amazing.  I’d definitely go back again just to hang out with the sharkies.  Monad Shoal was absolutely sureal.  I can’t imagine a more amazing first deep dive.  It came at an especially good time, because the night before I did my first night dive, which was super boring.  The water got super choppy as we were heading out so it was juuuuust a little freaky trying to jump off the boat in the last seconds of light when it’s rocking so hard the bow was smacking down into the waves.  Luckily I had a great night dive in El Nido a few days later to make up for it, so I haven’t completely sworn off night dives just yet.

Unfortunately, the next post – from the other stop on our trip – just decends into happy hour cocktail nonsense.  At least pretty views were involved, so I’ll post it anyways as soon as the processing’s done.

Magalie - What, no underwater photos? J/k. Btwn, that storm is scary awesome and I want that pork in my belly!

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