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Tony and Julia

This one’s from the archives.  I’ve wanted to have a reason to compile it as the full set that it’s meant to be, since I shot it way back in December.  As I get my blog up and running, I plan on pulling more sets out of the archives, because I hate the thought of all those great images just sitting around on my hard drives, waiting for their opportunity to crash!

Julia and Tony were a super sweet couple, and lots of fun to shoot.  The wedding was really small and intimate in the Swissotel Merchant Court and the Groom’s parent’s place.  Since it was mostly downtown, we decided on a very urban – but romantic – setting for their formals, with the great CBD skylines from the esplanade as a background.

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul - Carlina I am so happy you have started this! It’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations and can’t wait to see more!

Carlina - Thanks Peter! I’m glad I finally started it too! Not sure if I’ve got the superhero blogging powers like you, but I’ll do what I can :)

Kellie - I just spit my water back into my cup when I saw that you had a blog! I haven’t been around flickr much this summer, and I have SO missed your images – this wedding blew my MIND off! Love el bloggo!

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