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Bali – Flores Part III | Bajawa

I really had no idea how to spend a week in Flores. My decision to stop in Bajawa was based soley on the fact that our ranger/guide on Rinca was from Bajawa, and he was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so I figured that if everyone in Bajawa was as nice as him, I should go there. (I’m not entirely sure why I thought there would be any connenction. Everywhere has awesome people and less-awesome people). Turns out, I was kind of right. Everyone in Bajawa was super nice and we were treated like family from the minute we arrived.

Had an awesome time exploring there, even though the guys tried to take us down the side of a mountain to go to a waterfall and I’m pretty sure we never would have gotten back up if we actually went with them and slid all the way down. And then they wouldn’t even take me to buy vanilla!

This was about the time I achieved the impossible and become totally sick of nasi padang. I didn’t think I’d ever reach that stage, but I pretty much ate only bus-stop-quality nasi padang for the entire trip, so by this point I just stopped eating altogether.

I was going to add the rest of the Flores trip to this post, but there was just too many pictures for anyone’s good. The rest will be up soon.

Marselino Toa - coollllllll….

Giancarlo Cittolin - A very personal view of Ngada land, Flores

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