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Bali – Flores Part I | Bali and Lombok

In my life of adventures, some are more epic than others. This Bali – Flores trip was one of the best. It started and ended in Bali, which is a pretty decent way to start anything. Other than the first weekend in Bali that I had Penny with me to help me get lost and apropriately sun burned I was alone the rest of the time. I keep trying to decide whether I prefer to travel alone or with friends. I can’t decide. I like both.

After Bali, I decided to go back to Gili Trawangan for some beach time. Unfortunately it’s getting a little less relaxing there and the beach isn’t quite as nice. They had a big storm that smashed up the reefs a while before :( Now most of the beaches have coral chunks on them are less nice to walk on. Keep in mind that my standards in beaches are WAY too high, so it’s still pretty nice ;)

From the Gilis you can get to Flores either by boat (nice expensive one or a less nice, less expensive one) or over land for damn cheap but involves shuttle boat, waiting, van, waiting, bus, waiting, ferry, bus, waiting, van, waiting, ferry and finally arriving about 40 hours later. Guess which one I opted for. That’s part II of the trip and coming up super soon.

dean - wow, amazing photos!! it’s such a beautiful place – I’ve been to only Bali & Gili T, and you captured them so brilliantly!

Magalie - Darn you and your food photos… I’d go back to Bali for that pig, right now! Great post btw :)

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