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Pulau Bunaken | Manado | Indonesia

Loooong time since posting. I know. Anyways, I’m done with my real job now, so I have plenty of time to work on long-neglected photos as I look for jobs.

I’m not posting my Sulawesi photos in order, because I don’t feel like it… And by that, I mostly just mean I’m lazy and there’s a lot more of the Tana Toraja ones than there were of these from Bunaken. I figured that it would take me less time to finish this set than the other one, so I could feel like I’ve been productive sooner :)

Bunaken’s alright. Nothing special, but then again, my beach standards are too high for anyone’s good. The water’s clear, and I hear the diving’s great, but there’s SO much garbage in the water. Everywhere. I got painfully sunburnt on the first morning we were there, chasing a pod of pilot whales, so I basically sat around and relaxed at the homestay place we were in.

South Sulawasi post will be coming up soon!

Virginie - Great set as always.
Hope you will find a job you love.


Magalie - Stunning, just stunning! Can’t wait to see the shots from the place you preferred! One day I totally want to go on a photo vacation with you :)

Carlina - Yes! I’ll go on a photo holiday with you anytime girl!

Magda - Another set of great photos. You should blog more often! :)

jazzspeed - Carlina… how r u?

I become ur BIG FAN! your photos simply stunning… LIKE LIKE LIKE!


Carlina - Thanks Achman! How are you doing? been out shooting lately?

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