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Columbia Brewery Tour

So every now and then I end up posting something that’s not some random muddy village in the middle of nowhere, or dead sea creatures. This is one of those times.

I’ve always wanted to go to visit the Kokanee brewery, because I had been deceived by the commercials to believe it was up in the glaciers in the middle of sasquatch land. Like I said… I’d been deceived. Creston, BC is clearly not a glacier, it’s a valley with fields and farms and stuff.

On the bright side, when we happened to be in Creston for an afternoon, and stopped at the Columbia Brewery to check it out, it happened to be the first day they were open for “the season.” I’m not sure what season it was – apparently the beer tour season – but we didn’t ask too many questions and just signed up. It only cost $2 which goes to charity and we got free usage of some excellent Ranger glasses and all ended with some beer sampling and reminiscing through all the classic sasquatch commercials.

…wait…why doesn’t my spell check understand the word sasquatch?!

johannes - I simply LOVE your reportage-style!!! so great! no matter what subject it is :-)

paul lcf - Excellent photos. In these times of artificially enchanced products be it food, experience or in this case photos, more can be appreciatted from what is 100% natural. Was at antigravity in nov11 & the photos brought back memories. Thank you for sharing your passion. Would like to know what type of camera & setup do you use.
Hope to see more of your wonderful work.

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