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The Great Malaysian Road Trip

A few days before a 4 day weekend when you have no plans, if a friends says, “hey, wanna go on a road trip,” the only appropriate answer is HELLS YES!

We pretty much covered as much of peninsular Malaysia as was humanly possible in 3 days (we came home a day early to avoid the jams at the border). We did 1500km and hit 6 states. If we had 2 more days I’m pretty sure we could have made it to the rest of the states, including Sabah and Sarawak. We’re that awesome. I’d hate to think about how much tea I drank on this trip.

Anyways… the itinerary went something like this: Escaped Singapore about 1am on Thursday, stopped for coffee around 3am and decided where we should aim for. Decided to try Pulau Pangkor. Arrived at the jetty some time in the morning, realized it was insanely busy, so made a detour to the beach paradise of Teluk Batik, with an incredibly classy octopus taking over a building. cool. Decided to try Taman Negara, and easily found a place with rooms available there. Drove past Ipoh, through Cameron Highlands, ended up almost out of petrol somewhere in Kelantan, and realized there was no way we were going to make it to Taman Negara, so we settled for the raging metropolis of Kuala Lipis. (At least they had good food there, which can’t be said about Taman Negara). Next day we made it to Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara) and visited the Orang Asli the next morning. The way back we almost went through Kuantan, but got bored, so turned around and took a super extra long way through KL. Most of the photos are from the car…. for obvious reasons.

Kiamat Selalu Dekat.

Tracy Wallace - Such beautiful imagery. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us :)

Keko - Hahahhaha… “KIAMAT SELALU DEKAT” winks..winks..

Virus - Good one. Im goign there too on friday.

mnj - good shoot. roadtrip unplanned.maveles

iem ahmad - awesome photos! and that sentence ‘kiamat selalu dekat’ scares me quite a bit..thanks for sharing

Ali Celik - Very nice photos!.. Thanks for sharing.

I am for 6 month in Malaysia – Penang. I am going to have a road trip, too. If you have some better improvings of your trip or some general tips, then let me know.

Thank you ..

Ali Celik (

Carlina - Hi Ali, this trip had no plans for any sort of destination. We just basically wanted to drive anywhere, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anything based on this one! Enjoy Penang!

Premala - Nice pics guys.. we are also planning for road trips.. thanks for the idea… :P

Ivan - How much you guys spend including petrol for 3 days?

Carlina - Ummm… No idea. It was a fee years ago. I think about one tank of petrol each and a little bit for rooms and food. Our biggest expense was probably tea. We drank a lot of tea.

Raafik - Hi Carlina, i love your photos. All of it. May I know what camera did you used and lenses?


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