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Penang | Malaysia

World class street food!

So I think we’re officially foodies. We flew up to Penang for one night, just to eat our way through town. Of course none of the four of us (Jo, Alita, Ruby and myself) ever leave the house without cameras, so we did manage to snap a few photos along the food trail. I still can’t believe it took me 26 years of my life to make it up to Penang. Loved the town and could happily spend a whole lot more time wandering around all the old buildings, dreaming of buying a shop house and renovating it into a studio or lounge or my dream home or whatever….

Unfortunately I was struck down with a nasty flu the morning we arrived, and only made it out of the hotel a few times. Even though my sense of taste was pretty messed up because of the flu, Penang food is definitely everything it’s cracked up to be. YUMMMM! Unfortunately my fave café where I normally go for asam laksa just doesn’t cut it anymore.

jowena - super like!

Magalie - Torture!!!! I love Penang, can’t believe you hadn’t been there before!

PS. What’s with the cat???

ruby - burp!

i wonder how many photos you’d make if you were not sick.

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul - Malaysia is def a foodies paradise! Great pics again Carli!

Carlina - hahaha… Silly Alita decided to buy a singing and dancing cat from a guy on the side of the road.

Roger - Superb set of images – for a girl…

Carlina - @Rog… is that how you’re gonna play this, old man?

Jomak14 - superb photography as always!!!

Penny is awesome - I can’t believe you didnt even mention about your daughter AT ALL. The only reason why you love Penang is because me is from that land. If you would make some correction in the post, that will be much appreciated. Hahah!!! :p

Makes me miss mamaland food. You should come back again when I’m in town. Will bring you to some even more kampung places.

Katherine - Wow these are amazing, I was drooling over the album hahaha, so many pictures of food I miss dearly. Take care love!! Living vicariously through your photos:)

sydney - the photos are breathtaking!! :)

ALLABOUTPENANG - Thanks a lot for the awesome photos! Thumbs up for good food and
restaurant in Penang!

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