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เกาะลันตา | Koh Lanta

Just wanted to add a few snaps from the rest of the Koh Lanta weekend. I guess I travel quite a lot, but there are only a few other weekend trips that I would rank quite as awesome and memorable as this one…. ok… two, to be exact. Anyways… this was definitely among my three favorite island weekends, even though it was windy and cold the whole time. Lots of awesome people; a trip across the island on a motorcycle that was in the process of breaking down, to fetch a drugged up cat from the vet; roosters competing with the mosque to see who could wake the neighborhood up earlier, going to Drunken Sailors 3 times a day; and some of the best Thai food I’ve had in AGES.

Next up: A delicious set from Penang….

A Parisian woman lost in KL aka V - Hello Carli,
Wow, loads of amazing pics, as always !!!
Happy girl!! you’ve found dead fishes and cats ;-)

kellie - love love these, carlina! the guys working on the boats are my fave.

kellie - i just scrolled back through….i take that back, there is not just one favorite…too many to list.

Cheryl - Eeeek!!! All of the pictures are lovely… except for the one where I’m all grubby, greasy, and front and center!! <3

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