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Jagalchi Fish Market | Busan | South Korea

I hate that we’re over fishing every fish/ocean dwelling creature stock in the sea.  I also love hanging out at fish markets and fishing ports.  I can’t reconcile this hypocrisy in my life. I spent basically a whole day in Jagalchi Market in Busan.  The indoor market is kind of lame, but I really didn’t give it much chance because it was indoors and had horrible light dead fish deserve to be photographed in beautiful natural light.  Luckily there’s a huge outdoor area around the indoor building and it’s fine to just wander around the port.  Totally my kind of holiday.

It’s possible to buy fish and ask the stalls upstairs to cook it (or slice it raw), but it’s super over priced and not good. I did manage to get a very cheap breakfast at the outdoor stalls, which would have comfortable fed about 4 people for 10000krw (12sgd).  It also wasn’t good.  Such a shame to have access to all that amazing fresh seafood and not be able to properly enjoy it!

ralf siebeck - Hi Carli, congratulations! A perfect series!

Busan | South Korea

I took the train to Busan last month.  Spoiler Alert: no zombies.

I did find plenty of dead fish.  I’ll save those for an entire post of their own.  This one involves the charming hillside village of Gamcheon with pretty colourful houses, plenty of mediocre food, and Taejongdae, which I’m sure would be alright in nice weather.  At least it was nice to have a few days to myself, explore somewhere new and take photos not for work.  I actually think the zippy fast train to get there was my favorite part.  I do promise to share all the dead fish in the next post though.

If anyone from Busan sees this post, PLEASE, enlighten me… how many pairs of socks does the average Busanian own? Why are there *SO MANY* sock vendors in the city! I’m so confused.

Road Trip to Seattle | USA

After so many years of not visiting my boy Rocky, I finally made it down to Seattle to observe him in his natural habitat.  It was fantastic.  Seriously awesome city, and he’s about the best tour guide anyone could ask for.   And with Kat happening to have a few days off work, the company to explore the city was superb. Can’t figure out why they’re supposed to be famous for the coffee though. It’s awful.

Malapascua | The Philippines

3rd time’s a charm, right?  Malapascua is such an easy island to go back to over and over and over.  Beautiful scenery, great people, awesome diving, good accommodation and food: checks all the boxes.

Friends said they were going, so I invited myself right along, because that’s how I roll.  It was so nice that we were ALL on holiday for once.  Needless to say, we did more lazy than we did diving.  At least we rocked up right when the island had Fiesta, and got to race around the island in their fluvial parade, which is basically the greatest thing you can do on a boat.  Also, I finally got my Nitrox cert. Don’t ask me how it’s taken me this long to get around to doing it. I don’t want to talk about it, ok.

Special thanks to Devocean Divers for being fabulous as always!

Sharp English | Chanthaburi

It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve had to wear a Thai school uniform. I think the trauma is finally starting to wear off.  It actually felt nice to be back in Thai school for this shoot for Sharp English in Chanthaburi province earlier this year.  Things have changed BIG TIME in Thai schools.  Air con and ipads? What?  We barely even had teachers most of the day when I studied in Bangkok.